Garrett Carter Picture


Originally from Houston, Texas, Garrett Carter moved to New York City to pursue his aspirations in the creative world. He is now in his final year at the New York School of Interior Design, where he will earn a Bachelor’s Degree of Fine Arts. Through both formal training and work experience, Garrett has developed his well-defined aesthetic, curated by a mix of urban eclecticism, historical references and timeless luxury.

Garrett’s approach to design is one that is based upon a union between architecture and interior composition, with a keen vision of refinement, scale and indulgence. He believes that enforcing a dialogue and harmony between the project’s location and overall concept plays an imperative role throughout the creative process, whether he is designing a polished home in the city or a weekend retreat nestled in the countryside. While nourishing the spaces he creates, Garrett’s focus on artistry and attention to detail is unceasing.

As a self-described devotee of vintage, he has a penchant for combining period pieces with decidedly contemporary furnishings and accessories, while having a direct parallel to his choices in lustrous finishes and contrasting textures. No matter what the specific project, Garrett’s intention is always to create eclectic rooms and interiors that are stylish, comfortable, answer the needs of their occupants and remain relevant.